It’s Time for GH to Re-sign William deVry

There are few certainties in today’s world. For example, I grew up in a tense time historians refer to as the “Cold War” during which Ronald Reagan and Scarecrow and Mrs. King taught me to fear the Russians. A few years ago, when my family and I lived in Estonia we had the opportunity to visit Narva, an eastern Estonian city that borders Russia. The sight of towers with armed guards and signs in Cyrillic at the border made me shiver. I felt a strong sensation that unseen forces might pull me across the border where I would disappear forever into a Siberian gulag. Such are the irrational fears of a Cold War kid. Never did I think that one day my president would hear about Russian efforts to sabotage American democracy and say, eh, “Anyone would have taken that meeting.” With our national foreign policy turned upside down, I would really like one news item this week to make sense. That is why General Hospital needs to quit playing around, pay attention to its fans, and re-sign William deVry.

William deVry (Julian Jerome), General Hospital, ABC,

The decision to retain deVry should not be a difficult one. His Emmy nomination for playing All My Children’s Michael Cambias, a character so vile his Wiki reads like a misogynistic horror show, proves deVry’s range and depth. GH’s Julian Jerome is a softie at heart, and incapable of treating women the way this Cambias person did. And, for those of you who say, “But Julian held a knife to his wife’s throat and tried to kill her!” I say, “My sister made me do it” is a pretty solid excuse given that we live in a real world where collusion and patriotism supposedly mean the same thing.

GH has every reason to keep deVry for his talent alone, but it is Julian’s onscreen relationship with Nancy Lee Grahn’s Alexis that generates the most enthusiasm from fans. The two actors share wicked chemistry and lots of angsty romance. The fact that he’s a mob boss who can’t shake the underworld and she’s one drink away from running him over with her car again, only enhances their love. Fans also appreciate that deVry’s “in such good shape,” and I can say that because, I am not the President of the United States and he is not the First Lady of France.

deVry 4
Yes, I did google “Julian Jerome shirtless” to locate this image. FYI – I found lots to choose from.

Please ABC, bring rational thinking back in vogue and give William deVry a new contract. Julexis fans are too polite to ever tell ABC, “Watch your back, bitch,” though if the network lets deVry go it should do exactly that.





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