Is GH Trying to Activate Julexis Fans?

Once upon a time General Hospital fans watched one episode after another with no warning that a favorite character was about to die in an explosion, move to Australia, or accept an extended WSB mission that would lead to his becoming the head of the agency in 2017. Viewers believed, or were expected to, that creative storytelling dictated which characters would leave the canvas. Those days are over. Today fans cannot avoid news about the latest contract dispute plaguing their favorite actor and when faced with losing a beloved character they directly challenge network decisions; a pattern networks must be aware of. That’s why GH’s recent decision to allow William deVry’s contract negotiations to “breakdown” requires the Julexis Army to mobilize.

William deVry (Julian Jerome), General Hospital,

William deVry plays one half of the popular Julexis duo along with the formidable Nancy Lee Grahn, who will always be Julia Wainwright to me. Derek Wells née Julian Jerome slipped into PC four years ago and quickly took his place as a legacy character. Scribes revealed him to be Sam’s father and then reinforced his value by pairing him with her mother, Alexis Davis. Alexis found her soulmate and GH finally rewarded Grahn with a romantic partner worthy of her talent. Together the two represent one of the few couples on the show whose palpable chemistry charges a visible social media fan base.

William deVry (Julian Jerome) and Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis), General Hospital Wiki

In addition to his fictional wife, deVry also shares mad chemistry with Maura West who happens to play his half-sister Ava Jerome. TVSource Magazine’s Jenn Bishop flags this “inappropriate sibling chemistry” with the amusing #Jiblings (Jerome Siblings) hashtag. Ava just embarked on a post-fire recovery story that requires the compassionate presence of her sexy older brother. No, I’m not advocating for an incest story here, though that might spike the ratings, but I am arguing that onscreen chemistry between actors no matter their relationships is rare and should not be tossed aside. The fact that William deVry sparks with nearly every female he encounters onscreen attests to his irreplaceability.

ava and julian
Maura West (Ava Jerome) and William deVry (Julian Jerome),

Julian’s importance to GH goes beyond his relationships with Alexis and Ava. Besides daughter Sam, his other children include the underutilized Lucas and the adorable Leo who surely needs a corrupt, but loving father to ensure his rite of passage kidnap story. Did I mention that Julian Jerome is a mobster? I know, I know, you were unaware that Western New York is a hot-bed of mob activity and home to not one, but two crime families.

Julian and Sonny
Sexy Crime Bosses: William deVry (Julian Jerome) and Maurice Bernard (Sonny Corinthos),

The Family Jerome tussles regularly with the Family Corinthos for control of the wider Buffalo-Lake Erie territory. According to hidden, but oft referred to network data viewers really love mob stories and tune in to see fathers and sometimes mothers sacrifice safety and logic for “the biznis.” Whatever its faults, such thinking brought us Julian Jerome and now that it has fans are hooked.

The Julexis Army has activated its troops with petitions and social media campaigns in an effort to save William deVry’s job and Alexis’s love life. Showrunners can’t be surprised at this reaction give that they reach out to fans through social media regularly hoping to cultivate such passion. ABC puts iPhone in actor’s hands and commands them to tweet. The result of this communication is a cross pollination that GH depends upon and cannot turn off at will. Julexis fans are exactly the type of dedicated loyal viewers that the show hopes to create. Showrunners want to know what viewers like and a whole lot of them like Julexis.

deVry and Grahn, ABC

GH can hardly afford to lose viewers and depends upon stalwarts to remain vital. ABC has reportedly made room in its budget for the pricey return of Steve Burton (Original Jason) by firing a number of other actors, William deVry among them. Whether or not a connection exists between the hiring of one actor and the firing of another is immaterial. Without accurate information fans will draw their own conclusions and at the moment it looks an awful lot like deVry, not to mention Rebecca Budig’s fate, is wrapped with Burton’s.

Given the public nature of deVry’s contract negotiations fans have the opportunity to advocate for what they want. As television consumers, Julexis fans wield power in their relationship with ABC. They should continue to mobilize, demand to be heard, and not lose hope. Anyone who thinks networks aren’t paying attention to fan campaigns ought to give Netflix a call and ask them how things went after they cancelled Sense8.

To the Julexis Army, you must keep marching, because ABC is watching, and I need my #Jiblings fix.





  1. I love SB but not at the expense oflosing two excellent actors like William and Rebecca quite frankly I think this is bullshit and extremely unfair Williams Julian has always been my favorite male character on GH since he showed up and I have watching for 35 years I am extremely upset by this and I’m sure a lot of other fans are as well maybe instead of losing two excellent actors get rid of the higher ups they can’t seem to figure things out


    • GH is taking a big risk by firing Budig and perhaps deVry as well. Burton has a big fan base, but are there really viewers out there who left the show when he did and will now return? Alienating an active, dedicated fanbase like Julexis is a mistake. Without getting specific, there are a number of less-popular characters than Julian and Hayden that could be cut. The network could make room for SB that way. deVry should stay no matter what.


  2. I think WDV, is great. I’m so sad too hear that they have let Rebecca go, I have said this more then once they should let Amy go she drives me crazy, and also Andre neither one of them is story line worthy.


    • I find Amy’s storyline incredibly annoying. Rebecca Budig’s character has great story potential. I fear they will kill her off because what other exit makes sense? Removing her and keeping Finn is also problematic. Both should ride into the sunset together so that they can be brought back in the future if possible.

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  3. I have watched GH for 50 years. My favorite soap ever!! Keep Julian and Haden they are both fantastic . I’m so tired of them taking Steve burton back only to have him get bored and leave ( he was my favorite, he has no loyalty to gh) Let him go back to Y&R Billy Miller is great as Jason!!! They do however have to start using the great cast they have and stop trying to add new actors.

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    • GH is really putting a lot of weight on Burton’s return. They are counting on him having lots of fans, but as your comments reveal Billy Miller has a huge fan following. If Burton returns and does not play Jason then I think his return will backfire. And, if he does play Jason GH will alienate dedicated fans like you. They are in for some trouble either way.

      Thanks for writing. It is great to hear from a long-time fan!

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  4. I don’t think it’s fair to fire Will and Rebecca to bring Steve back ,I have Always loved Steve as Jason but now love Billy so if they kept him on and made Steve his twin or someone else that would be better than having it be at the expense of firings !Rebecca and Wil’s stories are Awesome and if they keep Michael to be with Hayden even better ,and of course #Julexis …..they Both belong on the show !

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  5. One actor is not worth the loss of at least 2 very talented popular actors. ABC will be doing their loyal GH watchers a great disservice. If you want to bring back Steve Burton bring him back. Figure out another way.


  6. William DeVry is one of the best actors we have today. I love him as Derek Wells and Julian Jerome. He seems to have chemistry with everyone and can play any character. Will is the reason I watch GH. My husband watches with me. He likes Rebecca Budig’s character, Hayden. If Will leaves, we will definitely not watch GH.

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    • I would hate to see GH lose viewers over this decision but I think that is inevitable given how much people love this actor/character. I hope you will contact ABC and let them know how you feel. I think those phone calls really help! Until then we should hope for the best.


    • Thank you! The story possibilities for Julian are endless. I would love to see him maneuver in the legit business world, be a real father to Leo, loan bone marrow to a few more children, and have an epic team-up with Sonny against some far worse threat. Or he could just hang out in bed with Alexis all day. That would be fine too!


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