Watching Days of Our Lives With the NBC App or How to Survive the Impeachment Trial

This is it. The week that we have all been waiting for. The week when we will get answers to questions like “Did Xander swap Sarah’s baby for Kristen’s?” “How did Adrienne and Haley die?” and “Are they really and truly dead or just soap dead?” But, wait. There’s a glitch. The most important Days of Our Lives Time Jump reveals coincide with the Impeachment Trial of Donald J. Trump. And the timing has me feeling conflicted.

Sarah (Linsey Godfry) and Xander (Paul Telfer)


Do I want the Trump presidency to suffer as the result of a painstaking trial complete with witnesses and weeks of damaging testimony? Naturally. Do I also want to revel in the pure soapy goodness of car wreck induced-baby-switching and the overwrought tragedy of fictional characters in a small midwestern town? Um. Yes. What’s a patriotic citizen-fan to do?

Answer: Finally figure out how to use that damn NBC app that Ron Carlivati and everyone on Soap Twitter has been yapping about. And, I’m not talking about whatever the hell Peacock is. I’m talking about a free app on which to watch Days of Our Lives if a President of the United States is on trial for only the third time in American history and that trial is pre-empting your show.

For better or worse, NBC treats its soap like a runaway train. It airs the pre-empted episode of Days on the NBC app daily and leaves poor app-less souls left waiting for Senators to take a bathroom break before they can watch snippets of their story. When NBC does finally air a new episode on TV in two to four weeks, less tech-savvy fans could be left guessing why Kristen and Brady are all of a sudden married and raising little Steffi in the DiMera Mansion. To avoid this catastrophe, one must embrace the app. 

Kristen (Stacy Haiduk)


For those of you, like me, who have only the apps on your hand-held devices that they came with like “Camera” and “Google,” you might need to call on the assistance of a teenager. Fortunately, one is currently living in my house.

We chose to put the app on the iPad, after my Samsung Galaxy J3 proved too small to appreciate all of Paul Telfer’s charms. Locating the Apple App Store, and then the NBC app is easy enough. The trouble comes when you want to download the app and cannot remember your Apple password even if Adrienne’s life depends on it. Updating an Apple password involves a daughter reading texted codes aloud while you swear, cry, and enter them into your iPad [WTF. I hate this effing keyboard!]. Once you enter the password, you can download the app and amazingly enough, characters appear on the screen and move about as if on television. Equilibrium restored.

I can’t control the impeachment trial, but I can make sure it doesn’t stop me from finding out who switched those babies. Anyone but Xander, please. What more could I want?

Other than a conviction. A conviction would be nice.


  1. I took advantage of a few days off and cleared all my emails, no small feat and to my delight came across this nugget from a year ago! I have had no luck locating DOOL quizzes to find out my Day’s true love (Xander please) I plan to dump my overpriced cable and too embrace the ease of free apps.


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