Arrow Gets “Lost in the Flood”

Among the things “Lost in the Flood” on this week’s Arrow are Damien’s twisted Genesis plan and his equally-twisted wife Ruvé. Found items include Thea, Malcolm’s parenting philosophy, and Noah’s conscience. Meanwhile, Oliver performs an Elven leap worthy of Legolas.

Oliver lost in the flood

Unable to save Alex from Anarky, Thea mourns the loss of her latest Replaceable Boyfriend. I’m not sure why she is so broken up about his death since the man had all the personality of a cardboard cutout. He served as a mere stand-in for Roy Harper as will the next man who turns her head. Enter Malcolm who in the wake of Alex’s death does what Malcolm does best and often, he “saves” Thea by drugging her and turning her into a drone. Hey, at least the guy’s consistent.

Thea drugged again
Willa Holland as Thea Queen,

Speaking of consistency, why are all the residents of the dome dressed like communist refugees? Do those yellow pills (the Pax!) cause everyone to lose their sense of fashion?

ugly jumpsuits

Oliver and Dig track Thea to the dome with Felicity’s help. Ruvé puts Malcolm in charge of eliminating the duo. In their effort to do so, Darhk’s henchmen lay waste to perfectly manicured gardens and split-level abodes with a hail of bullets that never manage to hit their target. Oliver performs the aforementioned spectacular leap, talks a drugged Thea out of killing him, and in a very-Felicity moment sings a song of hope (though not literally, we are still talking about Arrow here).

Lonnie Machin did what Oliver couldn’t and stabbed Ruvé Darhk in the chest with an arrow. Was it wrong to clap at this moment? Because I clapped. Oliver had the sense to leave Ruvé for dead, though he saves her young daughter who appears perplexed by the sight of a guy in a green hood and another in a black mask.

oliver saves daughter

Across town Felicity has her hands full attempting to take Rubicon from Darhk and her ex-boyfriend Cooper. In the previous episode (“Monument Point”) Darhk took control of the world’s nuclear weapons and Felicity regained control of all but one of them which destroyed the city of Havenrock. She inadvertently killed “tens of thousands” of people in an effort to save millions. The historian in me is still not over Arrow’s decision to detonate a nuclear bomb in this fictional universe. One of the dangers with amping up the stakes season after season is the risk of trivializing actual human suffering and destruction.

There is a difference between a missile strike and a nuclear strike, even in a comic-book universe. Recovering from a nuclear explosion is not equivalent to neutralizing an immortal mad man possessed by dark magic. Lumping them all together strips them of their weight and meaning. Felicity ought to feel the effects of her action to send the bomb off course, thus inadvertently annihilating a city. She does not, however, have time to dwell on this at present since she and her father Noah must engage in a hack-a-thon to save the world from nuclear Armageddon.

daddy, felicity
Arrow — “Lost in the Flood” — Image AR422a_0118b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Tom Amandes as Noah Kuttler/Calculator, Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak and Echo Kellum as Curtis Holt — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Charlotte Ross continues to prove her indispensability as Donna Smoak, deftly moving from anger to compassion to humor as she deals with her ex-husband. Her worst nightmare threatens to come true as she watches her daughter work side-by-side her criminal father. They are attempting to save the world, but Donna knows more than Felicity or the audience does about Noah’s unsavory depths. Donna admits to Felicity that she made the difficult choice to pack up her young daughter and leave Noah behind years ago, and not the other way around. Noah would have stayed in Felicity’s life if Donna had allowed him to. As a testament to their bond, Felicity forgives her mother for misleading her about her father’s actions, though that forgiveness comes a little too quickly. One suspects (and hopes) that Felicity has several bombshells to process in the coming months.

Arrow - Episode 4.22 - Lost In The Flood
Charlotte Ross and Emily Bett Rickards,

Noah and Felicity, with some help from Curtis, knock Rubicon offline. Darhk finds this setback and the death of his evil bride rather upsetting. Oliver will have to dig deep to find hope after the flood and save Star City.


  1. I really loved the underground Ark part of the episode. The fight scenes and the action were top notch and how it was shot was impressive. I, too, was clapping when Anarky killed Ruve. The villainous family has been so delightfully sinister that as much as want to see them brought to justice, I will also oddly miss them too.

    The Felicity-Noah-Curtis team up to stop the nuclear apocalypse was awesome and harkens back to earlier days of Arrow as far as Felicity’s character is concerned. It was nice to see Felicity, in her element, shooting off barbs and jokes while also outwitting an opposing hacker.

    I do hope next season they don’t give Thea a love interest. I would love to see her screen time used for more character growth instead. Also can someone just kill Malcolm already? I love John Barrowman and I understand Merlyn/Dark Archer is a big villain in the comics but c’mon….how many times is Team Arrow going to let him screw them over before finally putting him down for good.

    The only negative I had was the whole Noah-Donna drama stuff. I love Charlotte Ross/Donna Smoak but I think she can be used in a lot better fashion than just a foil for a man. And, in my opinion, it took away from the episode more than adding to it. That time could have been better spent focusing on Oliver, Diggle, Felicity or Thea. Donna has had many great moments and arcs but this was just not one of them. Again, just my opinion.


    • Arrow has been fantastic lately – they have really stepped up the writing and the action. I LOVE Damien Darhk. Of course I also hate him, but I really love him. I don’t want him to die at the end of the season. Even if he does, they can always bring him back somehow. Ruve has never been as dynamic as Damien so I was happy to see her go – so evil.

      You are so right about Malcolm. He has become a minion and it does not suit him well. Unless he is the Big Bad he just gets in the way. And he is the worst father. I think the writers have taken the “I love you so I am going to drug you” plot line as far as they can.

      I think the Donna/Noah stuff was designed to set up something for next season. Felicity seemed way too forgiving of her mother. It would be fun to see a version of Evil Felicity (like Killer Frost). It also seemed pretty clear to me that the writers are doubling down on Felicity’s popularity in the wake of Laurel’s death. I love Felicity so I think that can work, but I don’t think all fans would agree.

      I have high hopes for the season finale. Thanks for commenting as always!


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