My GH Story

I remember the first time I saw General Hospital. The hallways in school were abuzz with excited whispers: “Laura’s alive. Luke’s Laura? Yes! Ooh.” Who were these magical people that all the girls were talking about? Where could I find them? How could I learn what happens next? My memory of watching that first episode is hazy, much like the fog hovering over the water that stood between Luke and a presumed figment of his beloved Laura. He strained his eyes to see through the mist, the music swelled, Luke called out to his Angel, and I was hooked for life.


Unlike me, my mother despised soap operas. She favored talk shows especially Phil Donahue whose voice put me into a coma. Early in my GH story, when Stavros tied Luke to a pair of bedposts and made him watch as he attempted to rape Laura my mother strode across the living room and turned the television off in disgust. Other than her eleven-year-old daughter, who could blame her?

luke and laura wikepedia
Laura and Luke (Genie Francis and Tony Geary). Wikipedia. 

Watching General Hospital, after that, required stealth and strategy. My mother arrived home from work approximately 30 minutes after my younger brother and I did. The school bus dropped us off around 3:20. If I ran down the driveway, unlocked the front door, bounded up the stairs, and turned the TV to ABC before my brother beat me to the dial I could watch 30 minutes of General Hospital. Every minute counted. I had to know who the Brownstone Murderer was. Why was Terry wandering through the streets of Laurelton singing gospel songs? What made her grandmother such a controlling witch? Thankfully I caught the mesmerizing moment in GH history when Lynn Herring’s meek Lucy Coe pulled the pins from her hair to reveal a sexy vixen. Missing that scene would have been a tragedy. By the time I entered high school God had invented the VCR and my mother had brought down the barricades.

lynn herring
Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) Wikipedia.

General Hospital fueled my yen for adventure between the Aztec Treasure, the Asian Quarter Mystery, and the lure of Cassadine Island. The escapades of Anna Devane by day and Scarecrow and Mrs. King’s Amanda by night convinced me that I wanted to be a spy. So much so, that I rigged my eighth grade career test to show an aptitude for law enforcement. My parents took one look at those results and another at their skinny clarinet-playing daughter and said, “We’ll see.”

Anna Devane (the marvelous Finola Hughes)

The series has left its mark in other ways. For example, GH has taught me that a simple cough indicates lung cancer and a fainting spell means pregnancy at best and a brain tumor at worst (RIP sweet Dominique). Recently, hot priest-turned-doctor Griffin and drug-addicted Dr. Finn asked a fatigued Anna, “Does your skin itch?” By the end of the inquiry they had diagnosed her with a rare blood cancer that requires regular phlebotomy treatments. Naturally then, in April when my eyes turned red and watery my first thoughts went to imminent blindness while my husband rolled his red eyes and swallowed an Allegra.

finn and griffin
Drs . Hamilton Finn and Griffin Munro (Michael Easton and Matt Cohen) @Daytime_spoiler

Like any television show that has graced our screens for over fifty years, GH has had its ups and downs (Ups: the BJ/Maxie heart swap, all things Robin, the Nurses Ball. Downs: Casey the Alien, the Text-Message Killer, the unforgivable loss of Emily Quartermaine). Part of the allure of a soap opera is longevity and with it we must allow some latitude. PC’s canvas of multiple characters has always meant that if one storyline does not please me another will.

Emily Quartermaine (Amber Tamblyn/Natalia Livingston) 

Every February, May, and November I watch the birth of a new generation of PC daughters and sons who grow up naturally or rapidly before my eyes. They struggle with mental illnesses, physical challenges, abuse, heartbreak, custody battles, unemployment, and the occasional killer virus. Megalomaniacs from Jerry Jax to Caesar Faison parade in and out of town while all bow before Queen Helena Cassadine. Couples join and split in an endless search for the stability we secretly hope they never fully achieve. And, every Thanksgiving the Quartermaines eat pizza and no one asks what qualifies Michael Corinthos to run a Fortune 500 company.

A Quartermaine Thanksgiving. wikipedia 

I admit to spending my college years in Salem, and taking a few weekend trips to Genoa City now and again, but Port Charles has always been my home. General Hospital, with its resurrections, blizzards, blackouts, mob wars, falling elevators, and alarming medical diagnoses gives me joy. When Luke found Laura and I found GH ours was a match made in heaven [she nervously scratches her arm].

What’s your GH story?




  1. I started watching GH right before Luke raped Laura. I loved their wedding,some days I couldn’t watch (before VCRs were invented) because I had to work,but I would watch on the next off day,and could figure out hat was happening!!! I love GH!!!!!


    • The days before VCRs were the dark ages. My kids can’t imagine not having TV on demand! We joke with them about missing an episode of a weekly show and having to wait until it re-ran in the summer to see it. It is great to hear from another long time GH fan. Thanks for writing!


  2. HI started watching General Hospital when Jason and Sonny came on General Hospital. I love Steve Burton Jason Morgan and there is no other Jason Morgan. I love Sonny played by Maurice Benard. I have watched since Steve left General Hospital. I haven’t watched because I simply don’t agree with how they are writting General Hopsital. They have made me hate Jason Morgan is being played by Billy Miller. I don’t connect with him at all because hisn’t the sam character build as the orignal character. I have no respect for that all. I’m a big Jasam fan and I can’t count anything with Billy as Jasam history


    • There is always a chance that Steve Burton will return and they will write a story with two Jasons. I hope you decide to tune in again. There are some other interesting characters on the scene to root for. Sam is still a compelling character. I do, however, feel your pain! Thanks for writing!


      • Your welcome… I’ve tried to watch but I can’t connect to anything on General Hospital. I don’t care for any of the new characters. They messed up the reasons I watch. When steve comes back I’ll watch again. Sam isn’t the Sam and I can’t respect how they are writing her too. She is my favorite female lead. I don’t have to watch to know about bad it is. I’m crying because it’s my favorite show and I can’t support them. I don’t even want to pay for a gh convention.


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