Can Super Comey Upstage Wonder Woman?

Anticipation for James Comey’s testimony rivals that of a film opening for the latest potential summer blockbuster. In exactly 16 hours, 32 minutes, and 12 seconds, Comey will attempt to upstage Wonder Woman and restore faith in American democracy. Given his lanky 6’8’’ frame and an “honesty is the best policy” motto, all Comey needs to complete his superhero persona is a mask and a cape. Capes can be troublesome, however, so viewers at home might want to readjust their expectations. Comey cannot single-handedly save the republic, but he can clear the way forward.

Super Comey
Super Comey

Tomorrow morning men and women across the land will keep one eye on the hearings and another on their boss who will secretly watch from her office computer. Others, such as myself, will watch from home and serve Comey-themed blueberry, raspberry, and cheese pastry to the neighbors. The expectations are so high for this testimony that the major networks have decided to preempt regularly scheduled programming in favor of showing a dimly lit hearing room filled with grim men wearing dark suits and the occasional female also wearing a dark suit. I am having traumatic flashbacks to Oliver North, Fawn Hall, and a General Hospital-less summer.

The Senate Intelligence Committee will quiz the former FBI director about whether or not the current President of the United States obstructed justice by asking the FBI to drop its pesky investigation into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election. Comey’s reputation for candor and the seriousness of the President’s potential crimes have the nation holding its breath, but are we expecting too much from this man and this moment? Has CNN with its countdown clock raised the bar too high for any one person to clear? Does anyone else have images of Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone’s vault running through their mind? James Comey is, after all, the same guy who thought it necessary to involve himself late in the 2016 election out of an oversized sense of integrity. That didn’t go well.

Still, his previous actions have an air of Wonder Woman about them. His heroic efforts to save American liberty from the villainous Dick Cheney are akin to Diana’s glorious charge across no man’s land. Democratic institutions are in desperate need of a hero to shield them from an onslaught of alternate facts and raging tweet storms. We need Comey to follow Wonder Woman’s lead, pull on his satin tights, and fight for our rights.

Film Review Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot as Diana, Wonder Woman,

James Comey has the potential to strike a blow for democracy. He can give elected officials cover to put country over party. As Comey gathers his cape and strides out of the hearing room tomorrow will senators scramble to save themselves by fighting over the one useless gas mask in the room? Or will they take a note from Steve Trevor and put their country above their own political futures?

All the world is waiting for you, Super Comey, and the power you possess.


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