Help Us Ghost Fox Goddess, You’re Our Only Hope

Arrow embraces alternate facts and revisionist history in “Second Chances.” Oliver’s guilty conscience elevates Laurel to goddess-like status when in reality she was, as Black Siren noted, a whiny “pill.” The boys go on a road trip to seek an able replacement and find a superior model in Tina Boland. Felicity revisits her hacktivist roots as the true Goddess, Ghost Fox to be precise, and teases the return of Goth Felicity.

goth felicity origin

The Team combs through databases in vain looking for a new Black Canary worthy of the title while Oliver exaggerates Laurel’s combat skills and virtue. He rejects every candidate because they cannot live up to his romanticized version of Laurel Lance. Oliver has always been more attached to a one-dimensional photo of Laurel than to the real woman. As I have noted elsewhere, Arrow botched Laurel’s character from day one and then cruelly ripped her from the canvas in a thankless death.

Katie Cassidy’s return as the far more interesting Black Siren in last week’s “Who Are You?” must have felt equal parts self-flagellation and redemption for the actress. The Earth Two version of Laurel mocks her doppelganger as weak and trounces all over her dull-girl image all while kicking the crap out of her former cast teammates. Sadly, Arrow put Black Siren back in her cage, but not before Felicity clocked her. It’s a good thing these writers don’t encourage Shipper Wars!

In search of a Canary-Redux, Oliver, Rene, and Curtis motor to Hub City where they eat burgers and dish on Oliver’s favorite topic – redemption. Wondering who he can save this week, the trio tracks down a police-detective whose run-in with the Central City particle [read: plot] accelerator transformed her into a kick-ass meta-human complete with sonic cry. It seems Black Canaries are about as unique as Rene’s Big Belly burger. Tina Boland, née Dinah Drake, even shares Laurel’s name. One blonde wig comin’ up.

While Team Arrow gives Dinah a second chance Felicity is about to blow hers. In her attempt to hunt down data that will liberate Diggle from prison she answers the siren-call of her former hacktivist self – Ghost Fox Goddess. Finally, a code name worthy of the great Felicity Smoak. Can we banish Overwatch forever?

Felicity has never been content with just one career. Her intellectual talents demand constant stimulation and free-time Felicity is a dangerous Felicity. She is down to a night job and has been left behind with The Guy from Blindspot so naturally she turns to the dark web for a rush. Perhaps this is why Felicity agrees to meet with and then trust a Fred Burkle knock-off who begs her to resurrect Ghost Fox Goddess and fight the power. She should. Obviously this all feels a little hinky, but ours are desperate times. If anyone can sift through alternate facts and find the truth it’s Felicity Smoak. And you just know Trump’s tax returns are on that flash drive.

Oliver heads to Russia next week and I really hope he brings Ghost Fox Goddess with him. Felicity can all but taste the power of Helix. Without a day job she has way too much time on her hands and someone needs to uncover that kompromat.

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