Trump Shouts, “I Know You Are, But What Am I?”

Donald Trump behaves like a spoiled child in need of a nap much of the time. Unfortunately when Little Donnie falls to the floor kicking and screaming we can’t simply step over him on our way to the kitchen as we do the bodies of our own tantruming children. We must fret over the future of the free world should the country fall into the small hands of this geriatric toddler.

As anyone with a screen knows by now, Donald Trump suffered a historically bad week during which a growing number of voters and a sizable chunk of the Republican Party questioned his fitness for the presidency. Some even speculated about the mental health of this potential Narcissist in Chief. Trump responded to these critiques not with the calm demeanor befitting a man hoping to control the nation’s nuclear arsenal, rather he stomped his foot like a preschooler and shouted, “I know you are, but what am I?”

That’s right. While campaigning in New Hampshire, where he is down 15 points in the polls, Trump declared Hillary Clinton “a totally unhinged person” who’s “unbalanced” and “lacks the judgement, temperament, and moral character to lead this country.” These remarks call to mind Tony Schwartz’s analysis about Trump’s troubled psyche. [This poor man spent more than a year at Trump’s side as his ghostwriter so he knows crazy.] He argues that Donald’s mean tweets “about others are actually describing him.” Evidently Trump’s accidental self-reflection also extends to his speeches.

Trump rounded out his random observations in New Hampshire by asking whether or not “Hillary Rotten Clinton” looks presidential: “Now you tell me she looks presidential folks. I look presidential.” I suppose we should be grateful that Little Donnie didn’t come out and say what he really meant by this – “I have a wiener and she doesn’t.”

For Trump’s feeble attempt to discredit Clinton’s sanity The Trump Misogy-Meter awards one Jim Hobart and for the petulance tosses in a Pete Campbell.

Though to be fair, Pete looks much better in his jammies than Little Donnie ever could.

Pete in his Jammies
Vincent Kartheiser as Pete Campbell,


The Trump Misogy-Meter meets Donald Trump where he lives – stuck in a perpetual Mad Men era. Trump’s sexism veers between misogyny and chauvinism, punctuated with heavy doses of locker room bravado. Who better to illuminate this retrograde behavior than the Mad Men of Sterling Cooper?

Mad Men, including all characters, images, and video, is the property of Lionsgate and AMC.


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