Trump to Katy Tur, “Be Quiet” Woman While I Commit Treason

The Trump Misogy-Meter returns from vacation in time to watch Donald Trump, the most unqualified individual to ever claim the title “Republican Nominee for President,” tell a female reporter to “be quiet” while he commits treason.  Essentially Trump pulled a Henry Francis commanding Katy Tur to shut up as if she were political wife Betty Draper Francis circa 1968.

Henry and Betty
Christopher Stanley and January Jones as Henry and Betty Francis, “The Runaways” [7.5], Mad Men, via
At Donald Trump’s latest WTF press conference, NBC news correspondent Katy Tur had the audacity to do her job and push the candidate to justify his request of Vladimir Putin to hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails. When Tur pressed Trump suggesting that he ought to take a breath and connect his mouth to his brain he responded with, “Be quiet. I know you want to save her. That a person in our government, Katy, would delete or get rid of 33,000 emails. That gives me a problem.”

Here’s what gives me a problem. With that little rant Trump silenced a woman who dared to challenge his judgement and he called Tur’s credibility into question by smearing her objectivity [“I know you want to save her.”]

You know what else I have a problem with? I don’t want to see 33,000 emails from Hillary Clinton talking about Chelsea’s wedding and you shouldn’t either [“That Rhinebeck florist really sucks Bill, I am not paying for those flowers, we should go with that Hyde Park outfit because their Gerbera daisies come in bright pink and not just yellow, by the way my annual pap smear is scheduled for Tuesday”]. Hillary is not destroying America as we know it with “her damn emails!” But Trump might be with his Putin love fest.

With his remarks today Trump initiated the 2016 equivalent of Nixon-style wire-tapping by calling for an email hack of his political opponent. He does not, however, share Nixon’s paranoid secrecy or possess a shred of Nixonian savvy. Trump challenged Russia [Russia for fuck’s sake] to use its world-renowned cyberespionage skills to bolster his chances of taking the Oath of Office in January. That sounds like treason to me. Were Obama to encourage an enemy nation to even glance at an American tourist’s iPad he would be arrested and impeached.

Should we feel grateful that Trump cannot keep his mouth shut long enough to plot a covert op? Or should we finally shout to the heavens that allowing this man within a mile of classified security briefings endangers us all? Rational people whether Republican, Democrat, Left, Right, Green, or Libertarian ought to understand that Donald Trump is dangerous, as in this is not funny anymore can we please wake up from Our Long National Nightmare right now dangerous?

The TMM awards Trump’s latest demonstration of misogyny one  Jim Hobart and a Henry Francis.

And by the way, what are you hiding Donald?  Release your damn tax returns.


The Trump Misogy-Meter meets Donald Trump where he lives – stuck in a perpetual Mad Men era. Trump’s sexism veers between misogyny and chauvinism, punctuated with heavy doses of locker room bravado. Who better to illuminate this retrograde behavior than the Mad Men of Sterling Cooper?

Mad Men, including all characters, images, and video, is the property of Lionsgate and AMC.

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