Warner Bros. Must Fire Kreisberg

For decades Americans have buried sexual harassment underneath a thick layer of “he said, she said” excuses designed to privilege men at the expense of women’s careers and well-being. It appears as though the election of a self-professed sexual predator has inspired women to reveal their stories of abuse and journalists to print them. Most importantly, society has finally decided to believe women and punish perpetrators as the crimes of powerful men ooze to the surface in one story after another. The latest vile creature to crawl out from the sludge is Arrow-verse Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg and if it retains any hope of salvaging its reputation, Warner Bros. must fire him.


Warner Bros. TV has trapped its female employees on a hellish island that rivals Lian Yu in misogyny and male entitlement. Brave employees who are too afraid of reprisal to publicly accuse Kreisberg, made Warner Bros. aware of the EP’s offensive behavior. According to Variety, “Kreisberg is accused of frequently touching people without their permission, asking for massages from uncomfortable female staff members, and kissing women without asking.” How many of the women on set have wanted to Sara Lance the hell out of this jackass? Variety goes on to say, “Almost every source cites a constant stream of sexualized comments about women’s appearances, their clothes, and their perceived desirability.” I’m not sure if Kreisberg’s obsession with women’s bodies gives fanboy auteurs a bad name or simply reveals them for the boys that they are.

Over the past 24 hours actresses Melissa Benoist (Supergirl), Caity Lotz (Legends of Tomorrow), Emily Bett Rickards (Arrow), and others have stepped forward to condemn the culture of silence and complicity that has allowed Kreisberg to thrive at Warner Bros. TV. Arrow’s Stephen Amell and David Ramsey bested their heroic alter-egos by speaking in support of their female costars and crew members. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Kreisberg’s fellow Executive Producer, Marc Guggenheim.

After the Kreisberg story went public and in response to comedian Conan O’Brien, Guggenheim tweeted the following:


guggenheim's tone deaf tweet

For this, Cisco would surely dub him Tone Deaf.

First, reverse sexism is about as real as Reverse Flash. When women actually have equal power in society wealthy white guys can dream about “reverse sexism.” Until then, just stop. Second, Guggenheim’s defensive tweet makes him Ivanka-level complicit in Kreisberg’s sleazy behavior. In a moment such as this, a man’s instinct should not be to defend the accused fanboy down the hall, but to #believewomen. By the way, Guggenheim needs to fire his publicist, because no decent PR person would sanction this tweet.

Finally, is Harvey Weinstein really your benchmark for male indecency? Must a man’s actions cause women to sleep with baseball bats under their beds to rank as despicable? I realize that we’re dealing with a spectrum of male fuckery here from Weinstein the Rapist to Ratner the Serial Harasser, but Kreisberg ranks right up there with them. All three of these men, along with Louis CK, Kevin Spacey, Roy Moore, and Mathew Weiner have abuse of power in common. Their actions caused scores of women and men to lose jobs, confidence, and their sense of personal safety.

Warner Bros. films in Vancouver, not Alabama. Saving the Arrow-verse requires cutting all ties with Andrew Kreisberg and his enablers. While you’re at it WB, hire more than one female executive producer and follow Oliver Queen’s lead.

Be something else.  







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