Enough with the Ava Hate, GH

General Hospital, like most soap operas, dots its canvas with the good, the bad, and the beautiful. Characters take circular journeys from poor choices to redemption and back again. GH’s Ava Jerome, however, can’t enjoy even a moment’s happiness before an entire village kicks her which they especially enjoy doing when she’s down. I realize that like many of us, the writers at ABC feel exasperated by a POTUS who can neither identify the US Constitution nor locate Puerto Rico on a map, but must they vent their frustrations on a smart capable woman like Ava?

ava pinterest
Maura West as Ava Jerome, pinterest.com

Maura West’s Ava has done reprehensible things that in the hands of a lesser actress would render her inhuman and irredeemable. For example, the mob queen/gallery owner murdered ConnieKate and later tampered with Morgan’s medication thus leading to the irritating troubled young man’s “death.” Ava also had the great misfortune of engaging in crypt-sex with a man she hates, the upside of which led to the birth of namesake Avery. Lest we think that development might bring Ava some happiness, Nina, murderer of Rafe, ripped the baby from her womb and ran off to Canada with her. Somehow this story ends with Nina marrying a millionaire, also a murderer, and Ava losing custody of dear Avery to the aforementioned crypt-sex daddy who happens to be a mobster.

Episode # 13407
Avery and her mother.      abc.soapsindepth.com

The catalog of Ava’s sins could go on for pages, as could those of Sonny, Franco, Valentin, and Jason yet each of those men has managed to find happiness or at least the illusion of such while Ava continues to embody the town punching bag. Maura West’s talent surely causes some of Ava’s problems. West makes every story soar no matter how cliche or pedestrian and when writer’s grace her with one worthy of her talent she spins it into soap gold.

ava mirror
Emmy Award winner, Maura West (Ava Jerome)

Just because West has the ability to convey pain, power, and vulnerability with a single look does not mean audiences want to watch a crop of whiny twenty-somethings berate Ava for stumbling into Morgan the Great’s memorial. Forgiving male characters like Sonny for crimes such as murdering A.J., while continually demeaning Ava for hers smacks of misogyny. GH does not need to remind female viewers that the rules are different for men and women. We live them every day in a world where insurance companies can now refuse to cover our birth control pills.


I want to see Ava win. I want to see her crush enemies beneath her designer pumps. I want to see her daughters thank her for protecting them from unworthy boyfriends and criminal fathers. I want to see her find love with whatever half her age hot ex-priest or back from the dead town hero catches her eye. Why? Because she’s Ava Jerome, damn it, and a win for her is a win for women everywhere. Got it GH?

Make it happen.






  1. Love this! Brilliance. I’ve been spouting this same thing for what seems like forever, but you’ve summarized and pointed out all the reasoning so well. It’s insulting how much Ava gets crapped on while, the men (and Nina) skate for the same thing. Cheers to you! *raises an Ava martini*


    • Aww. A martini! Thanks! I love Ava and cannot understand why she gets kicked around as much as she does. GH is a soap and every character has committed horrible acts, but most of them bounce back. It’s as if the writers like it when the other characters attack Ava. Sure, she deserves some venom, but not all of the time. The whole thing feels sadistic and certainly misogynistic to me.

      Glad you liked the post and thanks for reading. Go Ava!


  2. LOVE THIS! You put into words, so eloquently, what so many of us feel. Ava Jerome is a completely fascinating creature, all thanks to exquisite talents of the incomparable Maura West. She is the rare multi-faceted character that has rooting value no matter what, who makes it fun to watch her be ten steps ahead of everyone in the room, and plotting her way to a win. Yes WIN! It is crushing AND repetitive to watch her lose, be kicked under the bus, and serve as the town punching bag over and over. While other characters with equal sins, are held up as the good and the best, worshiped and excused with byegones.


    • She is always the smartest person in the room and for once I would like to see someone support her. It is strange that other characters have done things worse or just as bad as Ava has done, but they manage to waltz through town without any problems at all. Seeing people belittle Ava makes me crazy. I’d like to see her achieve world domination but since that’s not likely, outsmarting Valentin and winning custody of Avery would suffice!

      Thanks for the reply and the thoughtful comment. I appreciate it!


  3. I agree!!!! The only thing that keeps me from getting totally mad is the fact that Ava is being played by Maura West,and she ALWAYS gives outstanding performances!!!! I was hoping that after she had sex with Griffin,that they would both come down off their high horses and admit that they have feelings for each other!!!!!


    • Ava and Griffin might do that eventually, though I’m not sure he’s worthy of her. Since he is a priest I know that sounds strange! I feel like she had great chemistry with Nikolas and a decent amount with Jason. As long as Ava gets what Ava wants, I’m happy.


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